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 **Latest News**
Films of Patient and Family AL Amyloidosis Infoday presentations now online - see News Page for more
**Latest News**
South Wales AL Amyloidosis Support Group hosting Patient & Family Support Events
For information & to download the event flyer please click 'News'
**Latest News** 
Support Group Patron, Hollywood actor Michael York, discusses Amyloidosis at National Press Club event in America.  To watch the video - click 'News' or 'Videos'
**Latest News**
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Welcome to Amyloidosis Support Group UK

'You are not alone anymore'

This is the first support group website in the UK for people living with amyloidosis.

This site is designed to not only be a source of information and guidance for sufferers and their relatives, but also a place where people can share their experiences of the condition.

Amyloidosis affects approximately 600 new people in the UK each year. It usually affects people between the ages of 50 and 70 years, but can occur in younger adults.

On this site you can find out some information about the different forms of amyloidosis and read some powerful and positive stories by people living with amyloidosis.

Don't forget to visit the Forum where you can chat with other people and discuss issues.

Before you start, please have a look at the informative animated film below.









Amyloidosis Awareness from Cartoon Medicine on Vimeo.

Message from Website Patron, Michael York

I am delighted to become a Patron of the Amyloidosis Support Group UK

Its website is an extremely important resource for diffusing knowledge about this rare and all too frequently misdiagnosed disease. I myself have had Amyloidosis and am aware of how little information there is out there, particularly of a less clinical nature.

My own experience was of a long and winding road to final diagnosis, with many diversions and false exits. Late diagnosis is unfortunately far from uncommon, and can have serious consequences.

So, many heartfelt congratulations for having created something that has the power to spread much needed enlightenment, thereby saving lives and reducing suffering.

Always remember that now, in the words of the website, "you are not alone."

"We are delighted about the creation of the British Amyloidosis Support Group and look forward to working with you.  Amyloidosis is a rare and lonely disease, and this development will no doubt prove to be a wonderful resource for amyloidosis patients and their families and carers."


Professor Philip Hawkins,

National Amyloidosis Centre,

Royal Free Hospital 


Amyloid Animated Infofilm

This short animated film is designed to encourage better awareness and understanding of amyloidosis.

Better awareness of the condition will help to increase proper diagnosis, early treatment and positive outcomes.


Information Disclaimer

The information on this website is not meant to replace the advice of your medical team. They are the best people to ask if you have questions about your individual situation.
 - you are not alone anymore